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Social Login With Cocoa and Cocoa Touch

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Why “Social Login”

In the evolution of social networks, from stand-alone websites to services to be integrated in other apps, we saw an evolution from simple “share my achievement” buttons (you want to share your high-score in a game with your friends or followers) to full login experiences where the social network is used as a gateway for user authentication before using any kind of service.

Custom and Offline Maps Using Overlay Tiles

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New MapKit features

In WWDC 2013 Apple introduced many new MapKit features for iOS 7 and added this framework in OSX 10.9 (Mavericks). One of the major changes, which in my opinion didn’t get enough relevance in the developer community, has been the introduction of some base classes that allow full map customization and support for offline maps. In this article I’m going to describe the new MKTileOverlay class and present an example, for both iOS and OSX, that demonstrates the new capabilities.

Page Rendering Techniques on iPad Magazines

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Historical overview

One of the great improvements in all iPad owners lifestyle is the possibility to bring everywhere any sort of magazine or book, thanks to the screen size and the device light weight which both facilitate reading and carrying. In particular reports demonstrated that in a printed publications decreasing market there is a huge increase in the number of subscriptions to the digital versions of the same product (the interested reader can read this report from MPA).

Newsstand and Subscriptions

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Two different concepts

In my previous article on the subject I explained how to create an app that supports the Newsstand feature introduced by Apple with iOS 5. The concepts explained in that post provide the technical references needed to build an app that is able to retrieve and download any new content, even in the background, and update the cover-like icon in the Newsstand app. Unfortunately while technically an app build in this way is completely functional, it wouldn’t be approved by Apple if sent for review. The reason for this is that Apple requires that each app compatible with Newsstand must offer its contens using an iTunes managed subscription.

iOS Newsstand Tutorial

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A new way to distribute magazines

Since the beginning of the iPad era, one of the most appreciated features in the tablet has been the possibility to read magazines and newspapers. Practically all major publishers (and a lot of minor) have created their own magazine and newspaper apps and the first in-house experiments have grown with increasingly better applications. Besides a lot of software companies followed this path, the major ones by providing their own publishing system and a lot of other start-ups simply exist to offer their services to create custom apps for their customers.

Video Composition With iOS

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Why video composition

You may think that video composition should be limited to applications like iMovie or Vimeo so you can consider this subject, at least from the point of view of the developer, to be limited to a niche of video experts. Instead it can be extended to a broader range of applications, not essentially limited to practical video editing. In this blog I will provide an overview of the AV Foundation framework applied on a practical example.

Setting Up a Blog With Octopress

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Why Octopress

My web site is powered by Django so I would like explain before why I’m not providing the blog using the built-in framework. The main reason is that I want to keep separate the blog instance from the corporate (standard home page) one: this means different content, different formatting, essentially different entities. The website is dedicated to customers, of would-be ones, while the blog is more for hackers, colleagues like me.