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Viggiosoft is a software design studio, located in Northern Italy.
In the last years we focused our activity on the development of software for Apple iOS and OSX operating system, but we are also active in the new Windows Mobile platform.

Our main activity fields are in the publishing sector (we are the authors of many apps in the App Store and we are also visionaries on the future of publishing with the iPad), tourist apps, music apps (some of the best guitar tuners in the App Store are ours) and other. Besides we develop B2B apps for enterprises, with special reference to iDevices interaction with external hardware (thanks to our electronics background). Our preferred Cocoa frameworks are CoreText, CoreData and CoreAnimation.

This is not a commercial blog. This is purely technical and dedicated to developers like us. Other than a few references here, you will not find any other link to my business. Feel free to contact us for any technical question or open discussion.


You can contact us by directly writing to our email address mail (at) or if you need to develop your app on a multi-platform environment, including Android and the new Windows Mobile, then you can hire us through

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